About us


Hubei Tiance Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., established in July 2013, is located in Jingmen City, Hubei Province, renowned as the "Gateway to Jingchu". It is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in the research, production, and sales of high-end electronic ceramic materials. The company's main products include electronic-grade high-purity nano titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, strontium carbonate, nano barium titanate, barium carbonate, zirconium dioxide, and other basic powders. Additionally, it produces high-end formula ceramic powders and other specialized electronic ceramic powders, which are fundamental materials for new electronic components such as chip-type multilayer ceramic capacitors, thermistors, microwave devices, piezoelectric ceramic devices, as well as core raw materials for products like optical glass and lithium-ion batteries. These materials find wide applications in fields such as communication, consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, artificial intelligence, high-end medical electronics, aerospace, and defense equipment.

The company has received honors and titles including the "Hubei Province Award for Innovation in Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises," "Hubei Province Specialized, Refined, Unique, and Innovative Small Giant Enterprises," "Hubei Province Manufacturing Single Champion Demonstration Enterprise," "Hubei Province Hidden Champion Science and Technology Small Giant in Subdivided Fields of Pillar Industries," "Hubei Province Double Innovation Strategy Team," and "Hubei Province Intellectual Property Demonstration Construction Enterprise." The company has also established platforms for innovation, including the "Academician Workstation," the Hubei Province New Electronic Ceramic Powder Material Enterprise-University Joint Innovation Center, the Advanced Ceramic Manufacturing Innovation Center, the Photoelectric Microwave Ceramic Material Innovation Base, and the High Purity Ultrafine Electronic Ceramic Material Promotion Base. With "Tianci" and "TCM" as registered trademarks, the company holds 7 invention patents, 31 utility model patents, and other independent core intellectual property rights. It has led the revision of the national standard "Nano Titanium Dioxide" (GB/T 19591) and industry standard "High Purity Barium Titanate for Electronic Industry" (HG/T 3587), and participated in the formulation of the group standard "Technical Requirements and Testing Methods for High Purity Titanium Dioxide Products"(T/CIECCPA 015—2023).

Tiance Electronic will uphold the entrepreneurial concept of "Endless Entrepreneurship, Boundless Innovation." With a focus on the forefront of global new materials, centered around inorganic non-metallic materials, it will deeply cultivate the supply chain of basic powders and formula ceramic powders industries. The company will continue to conduct research and innovation in new materials, products, equipment, and technologies, achieving surpassing foreign monopoly technologies and advancing technological progress in the industry.