District party secretary liu zhenjun and his party visited t

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【 abstract 】 on the morning of May 20, district party secretary liu zhenjun led the research group to visit the company, on the key project construction work in-depth investigation, company chairman wu hao, general manager zimeiyong accompanied throughout.

 Chairman wu hao and general manager zi meiyong accompanied secretary liu to visit the park and the production workshop, and gave detailed and professional answers to secretary liu's questions about the production process, company r&d and production.

 At the office meeting for the promotion of key projects held later, secretary liu, on behalf of dongbao district government, affirmed the development of tiantan electronics company, and asked about the difficulties encountered in the operation of the company, as well as the problems that needed government assistance to solve and implement.
 General manager wu first reported the actual development of the company to the district leaders, and put forward the current need for government assistance to solve the problem.
 Liu secretary in response to the company's demand, the site coordination of the relevant person in charge of the response, and said that dongbao district departments will actively give advice, for the development of enterprises to solve problems.